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FC Fargo's first game will be in Moorhead

Originally reported in an interview with the CEO in the Forum, it has been confirmed that FC Fargo's first ever game is going to be played at Moorhead High School's Jim Gotta Stadium, on the Minnesota side of the metro.
Froslie, Nguyen, Flack and Agoro will be returning to familar ground. And it's the same side of the river as my house :) 
The opponent is still scheduled to be FC Minneapolis.
I believe there is a tie-in with Tri-City Storm's annual youth tourney. Even if there isn't, it happens around the same time. Check it out here

FC hitting NDSU, 11th July v Eau Claire Aris

This superb news deserves its own post. FC Fargo have secured NDSU's historic Dacotah Field for a game, 11th of July.In case you don't know, the stadium was home of the Bison gridiron team between 1910 and 1992 and the NDSU (women's) soccer team from 2013. It also hosts Bison gridiron practices in a bubble now too.So the site saw every National Champion Bison team before the arrival of Craig Bohl.Our opponents will be Eau Claire Aris of Wisconsin, previously of the NPSL.

Juggling with one hand

A while back, a member of the Northern Guard Supporters posted a blog about the definitions of different types of footy fan. It is here in all it's glory but I objected to being called an "ultra" despite running the Fargo Green Army Twitter and being Fan #1 in the FC Fargo founders club

Today the contrast reared its ugly head again, when I encounted this from Spiked Online about Italian ultra culture, excerpted in a rambling Wikipedia page. 
Bottom line is this:
I'm a die-hard fan of FC Fargo. A fanatic, maybe even. But when ultras are associated with capo stands, loud-hailers, smokebombs, gigantic flags between you and the pitch and standing throughout the match; I will not be one. 
I will also never self-identify with the word "hooligan", as an English guy who's happy never to have been beaten up by people who use that label and a pacifist. 
I grew up watching footy in stadia where standing for prolonged periods was illegal, my enjoyment of a game do…


I do my best to lead the Green Army, but some of you already know that I am not in Fargo-Moorhead at the moment.I'm in a legally necessary exile because my green card processing can only happen here in London.So I'm just putting this on record to explain my absence , definitely at the combine and for a number of games in our first season. I will be proud from a distance and hope and expect a Green Army presence at all of our first steps, not least from my wife, who remains in Moorhead.It is she who provides (and will continue to provide) the environment/weather updates on the area until I gain residence.Come on you Greens,Tim, leader in exile and member of the FC Fargo Founders Club.