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Three is the magic number - 2015 Squad profile 1

First in a series of profiles of the first ever Red River, Green & Gold squad
Family, friends and footy: Three is the magic number

In 2002, Habib, Emra and Sunaj Beljulji moved from the small town of Mitrovica in the southern Serbian province of Kosovo when war arrived.

“Back home every way you turned you had a view of the mountains. There were many rivers rolling through the green hills going all around the town. Every night the town would gather as a family to watch soccer or play games like dominoes and cards. The state of Montana would be the closest scenic view of comparison. Mitrovica has grown a lot since we left. It has become more industrial with many more roads and buildings covering the city,” says middle brother Emra.

Faced with a decision between staying in Europe or moving to the US, the family saw the promise and potential of a future in the USA and embraced it.

Their first home in the US was Atlanta, GA.

Emra explains that it was while living in Atlanta that “my real …