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Of Big Ben and Saint George - 2015 squad profile 2

Of Big Ben and Saint George Second in a series of profiles of the first ever Red River, Green & Gold squad   Ben Eastwell and George Anthony grew up in cities 200 miles apart in England. Eastwell comes from Norwich, an old historic market town with a castle in the center but with a thriving modern economy and soccer history of its own. He decided to promote himself to college recruiters in the US with the aim of playing professional soccer and earning a degree, a combination far better established in America than England. Having been swiftly recruited from the city by the University of Jamestown, he settled into life in Fargo – a city and a state that he says he “knew nothing about” before he moved to the area. I asked him how he thought his time at Jamestown had helped his progress towards making a living as a player: “Training five days a week at Jamestown and practising the simple foundations helped out a lot. Most importantly the talent that has been at Jamestown helped me a lot, al…

Changing hats

Hello guys, I'm changing hats. By October my exile in England should be over and at that point I will need to concentrate full time on the things I do best.Those are media things. So I am taking over as communications director of the club and essentially co-ordinating the awesome, multi skilled crew of content and production guys we have around.I will be tweeting less from @fargogreenarmy and more from @fcfargomedia as this transition continues - let me know if leading the Green Army appeals to you.I have never been a regular blogger, and have basically been keeping the Fargo Green Army present in the conversation until we as a group can find someone more able and comfortable to engage with everything that leading a Supporters Group requires.As a young club, most of us founders club members are also staff - like a good non-league club here in England we help out wherever we can to keep the lights on and our players on the pitch.As we grow, I feel we will see the development of dis…

Just a short note

Last night saw our first goals conceded in club history but we came out on top of Stegman's Old Boys 3-2.We are now 4-0 on the season. Conrad Hager and Dominic Palaty have left the club. The club said they wish them both all the best. No other details were released.