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Turning the page - FC Fargo, the new name and the Open Cup

On the 23rd of August 2015, FC Fargo folded for financial reasons.
It was the end of a soccer club that I and others had poured our hearts and funds into.
I took the decision to retool the Fargo Green Army blog at this address as The Fargo Wanderer, whilst retaining the slogan of "Supporting North of Normal Soccer".
The name is a play on the storied history of itinerant soccer clubs who bounce around areas looking for a home, leading to being called Wanderers (eg. Bolton, Wolverhampton)
I've most probably closed the book on my time as an employee at D4 level but I've definitely turned the page on my time with FC Fargo and will look upon the following seasons as a mixture of a fan and a reporter.
I hope that Dakota Fusion Futbol Club (missing an accent on that F word) get better at communication and scheduling and then I may have another spectating option in Fargo-Moorhead.
That said, global soccer fandom has more seasons than the world.
College soccer has resumed.
Qualifying for the 2017 US Open Cup begins on September 10th. That is a little bit ludicrous when you consider that the final of THIS YEAR'S US Open Cup is actually three days later on September 13th.
Entering in the second round with a bye, are Minnesota's only amateur entrant - and 1 of only 2 amateur or pro in the state - Minneapolis City SC
I think they are arrogant douche-bags,  but beggars can't be choosers given such scarcity.
With the demise of FC Fargo, there is no North Dakotan entrant.
The other team with rooting interest up here in Bisonville is Blaine-based Minnesota United FC. They will enter the Cup in the third round, and if City survive they will most likely meet up.
Also on-going are the freshly minted Premier League season (Come on you [Manchester] Reds) and MLS (Let's Go, Whitecaps) amongst a tapestry of allegiances built up over 30 years and not even including other sports.
Rest well, for tomorrow we will probably rest some more.