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Who are you? Why the Fargo Wanderer?

First of all, I just re-named this post in honour of the famous chant. Anyway...

I moved to Moorhead in 2015 for personal reasons. Prior to that point I'd watched footy/football/soccer in stands or on TV from every viewpoint apart from professional reporter. Due to that heritage, I tend to use all three of those words interchangeably. I never studied Spanish, so the one word you won't see is "futbol".

During the short lifetime of FC Fargo (2014-2016), I was the co-ordinator for the Fargo Green Army supporters group until I became Director of Communications at the club, managing social and broadcast media and the content of the matchday programme.

From 2014 onward, I maintained a blog for the Green Army which went into hibernation when I became a paid club employee and was then reanimated in 2016 as the site you see today.

This area is a historic crossroads of rail (mainly freight from Bakken oil), road (I-94 down to the Twin Cities included) and the mighty (and oddly Northward-flowing) Red River.

In short, the four Rs - Road, Rail, River (Red)

I have wandered far to reach this point, and the tradition of wandering clubs, and their wandering fans, is a long and storied one so therefore, I call this blog The Fargo Wanderer. As this post can attest, I also do wander in prose.

Also, tribute should be paid to the local convention and visitor bureau, a wonderful inventive institution who have continuously inspired me on this journey. They coined "North of Normal" for a 2014 promotion campaign and successfully consolidated the outward identity of the four cities (Fargo and West Fargo in North Dakota, Moorhead and Dilworth in Minnesota) in this "metropolitan" area under the now internationally famous/infamous label of Fargo.

I have zero remaining affiliation with FC Fargo or its erstwhile ownership, nor with Dakota Fusion FC - although I would love to see a club succeed in this market where the football (and occasionally basketball) teams of North Dakota State University Bison mostly roam. That said, at present, DFFC have shown zero interest in cultivating a fanbase.

My personal definition of success:
US Open Cup qualification, something which no team from North Dakota has done - according to the extensive records of Josh Hakala.

Since they spent a chunk of last season whining about how their traffic choked city/cities/metro is greater than the spacious prairie I call home, I don't like Minneapolis City and I don't like the area particularly. I've lived in big cities, I don't need to go to some scaled down attempt at the same ideas. I doubt that'll change any time soon.

I do have respect for their hard work fighting to qualify for the USOC, only to be disqualified for making a move designed to keep them solvent and I appreciate that if you're a City fan reading this, you probably hate Fargo too.

I don't care about promotion and relegation in the USA, because I'm not a league executive.

I don't care where players are from, if they are committed to their game.
To quote Aloe Blacc, it aint where you're from, it's where you're at and who's got your back.